“Where did all the consulting jobs go?” — it’s a headline I’ve had filed away to use whenever the current banking turmoil started to spill over into the consulting sector.

Yet after 2 days spent with 500-odd consulting recruiters, I have to conclude that the consulting sector hasn’t yet been that badly impacted. With the exception of a few isolated hiring freezes and practice-specific redundancy programmes, there’s been no bloodbath for the consulting industry thusfar. Indeed, within a couple of hours of the doors opening at our Consultancy Careeers Fair, word spread that one of the firms had already made an on-the-spot offer to a candidate visiting their stand. Towards the end of the event, a tour of the exhibitors confirmed each firm had earmarked dozens of candidates who were a perfect fit for roles they were currently looking to fill. So it’s hardly all gloom and doom in the consulting market and readers would do well to remember that we’ve never experienced an absolute recession in consulting – only ever periods of below-average growth!

Clearly no sector is going to escape unscathed from the current economic turmoil – but it seems at least that the consulting industry has learnt its lesson from the dot-com crash and the over-expansion that necessitated mass-redundancies back then has not been allowed to occur this time round. And for now at least, new consulting jobs are still in relatively good supply…

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